Zagreb – On November 11 2015 the HRT Academy as the lead partner on the European Youth News Exchange Network (Y-NEX) project organized and hosted the first transanational meeting of the project partners, which was at the same time the project kick-off meeting. Although all the project partners have worked with most of the other partners before, the kick-off meeting was a great opportunity for all the partners to meet and discuss the 24 month project ahead of them.

The kick-off meeting was very efficient with the partners going in detail through the project application, timeline and budget. First tasks of the upcoming project activities were discussed and delegated, a regular schedule for Skype meetings was set-up, as well as internal mailing lists, along with all the other regular administrative issues.

We were very fortunate to have a representative of the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes with us at the meeting, which allowed us to clarify any pending issues on the spot. The next partner meeting is scheduled for May 2016 and will take place in Dublin, by which time the first intellectual output, the Training Curriculum for Mobile Journalists, should be developed.

The HRT Academy as the host of this transnational team meeting and the lead partner on the project, used the opportunity of having all the project partners at the same place to organize an in-house press conference presenting the Y-NEX project.