Leuven – The third Y-NEX Training of Trainers was hosted by ATiT in Leuven, Belgium from 10th to 14th October 2016. In this third workshop, the aim was to provide basic but essential knowledge and information about intellectual property rights (such as copyright, portrait right), as well as on ethical and legal issues. The workshop touched upon individual privacy and ethical issues, freedom of expression and its limits, the responsibility and liabilities of journalists, the relationship between reality and information, copy rights and exploitation, sources and resources.

The workshop was a combination of presentations by experts and professionals, discussions and some hands on exercises. A quiz during the workshop was used to assess the acquired knowledge, skills and attitude of the participants. A certificate of attendance was provided to the participants. The workshop was divided in three parts: days 1 to 3 were dedicated to the subject of IPR and legal issues for mobile journalism. Day 4 was dedicated entirely to the training of the MOOC contributors and trainers. Day 5 was exclusively for the Y-nex project partners.


The workshop was organised at Het Openbaar Entrepot voor de Kunsten (OPEK) or in “The Public Arts Entrepot”, which houses since September 2011 a number of cultural organisations, theatre companies (Braakland/ZheBilding and fABULEUS), organisations for art education Artforum, Mooss and WISPER, the higher education programme LUCA Drama, a social-artistic workspace FactorY, the cultural education network magda and a youth organisation Urban Woord. In this former customs office which has become an artistic laboratory, they work on their own and on their shared projects. It is now a meeting space for young and experienced artists and a venue for plays, courses, workshops, parties, festivals… as well as a cultural café. OPEK is situated in the historical centre of Leuven at walking distance from the Town Hall and the University buildings.