Professor Tena Perišin along with MoJo trainers Petra Kovačević and Renata Šimić presented the Y-NEX project in Zadar, Croatia.

Mobile Journalism is the key subject in the Y-NEX project. Participants of Summer School ITmed2017 got the chance to start exploring the great possibilities of their smartphones during the workshop “Mobile and Multimedia Journalism on Social Networks”.

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Y-NEX team on Summer School in Zadar

Ljetna skola Zadar 4
prof. Tena Perišin with one of the organizers of summr school prof. Jadranka Lasić-Lazić


Ljetna skola Zadar 2
Renata Šimić and Petra Kovačević explaining one of the main advantages of mobile phones in journalism: the SIZE
Ljetna skola Zadar 3
Participants of the workshop working on their task
Ljetna skola Zadar 1
Presenting the mobile phone and its gadgets suitable for MoJo