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Y-NEX service provides local, regional, national and European news gathered and produced by youth trained in mobile journalism.

Training Curriculum for Mobile Journalists

The Training Curriculum for MoJo (FINAL) – YNEX is composed of the following modules, each delivering 16-20 hours learner workload:

Module 1) Media Literacy and Human Rights

Developed by UAB, this module analyzes information, values and messages conveyed via media; how different media work to set agendas, influence public opinion and define values; and the role of education in understanding this influence. The course analyzes the relationship between media and ethics, human rights, democracy, social inclusion, e-inclusion and citizen journalism. Upon completion of the course, the participants will know how to report news utilizing adequate media and media channels to have an influence on the political and social processes affecting their lives.

Module 2) Mobile Journalism Technology

Developed by IADT, this module will focus on the role mobile technology has in the process of news production and newsgathering. The main aim of this course is to introduce the participants to the technology behind the news creation process. Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able to: understand the different mobile operating systems and mobile device features; know how to use apps for journalists; take notes; write/edit text; take and edit photos; record and edit audio clips; record and edit video footage; and do live broadcasting – all using mobile devices.

Module 3) Mobile Journalism Storytelling

Developed by FPZG, the role of this course is to introduce digital storytelling on mobile platforms and provide its participants with the opportunity to learn the basics of creation of news in mobile technology environment. The course presents different storytelling styles and new forms of reporting; introduces the contents of a news package; teaches how to develop a story idea and write a story proposal; how to perform data analysis and research background information; and explains the process of preproduction including development of script, interview questions, shot list and storyboard – all crucial to preserving news values in mobile storytelling format. Upon completion of the course the participants will be able to develop story ideas within constraints of mobile technology and be confident in storytelling.

Module 4) Mobile Journalism Production

Developed by HRT, this module introduces the workflow for mobile video news production, explaining the possibilities and advantages of the mobile journalism production environment. The course is designed to transfer the experience professional journalists have in use of mobile journalism equipment and apps through a set of practical filming and editing exercises focused on explaining what works best in the field, with the aim of instilling a culture of quality in mobile production. Upon the completion of this course the participants will be able to film and edit a complete news story.

Module 5) Intellectual Property Rights

Developed by ATIT, this module introduces the need and the objective of IPR, providing an overview and comparison of the different IPR concepts according to territorial, legal, industrial and cultural frameworks, policies and concepts. Upon the completion of the course the participants will understand the basic legal issues related to all aspects of media production in mobile journalism; be able to search, find, select and apply a suitable IPR scheme for a self-created production; understand the potential risks of communication via electronic media information sharing and collaborative networking; and be aware of ethical principles involved in the use of digital media.

Module 6) Digital Entrepreneurship

Developed by Telecentar, this module gives an introduction to starting a business in the digital world. Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able to formulate their business ideas, perform SWOT analyses, analyze competition, perform market segmentation and positioning, create a simple business plan and know how to manage a project. Focus is placed on working in cloud environment, social media marketing, and mobile technologies in collaborative work and project management.

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